Imagine! Belle By Krista

   Hello my name is Belle and if I could talk this is my story….. I ran away from my family when I saw a cute little bunny. My owner’s hadn’t fed me in a while.  I jumped the fence and chased it for a long time. I never caught it though. Well I was lost and I had nowhere to go, so I wandered the streets of Banff, until an elderly man spotted me on his morning stroll to the grocery store. He phoned the Bylaw. The Banff Bylaw came and picked me up. They took me to Canmore to the Bow Valley SPCA. I lived there for almost three years.

     I didn’t really like other dogs as I was aggressive towards them. But I love kids and adults that treat me well. The volunteers at the SPCA worked with me for hundreds of hours (even thousands).and I finally learned that dogs can be nice. I then became accustomed to being around other dogs☺.

     Then I got interviewed from a Bull Mastiff rescue in the U.S . They thought I was wonderfully trained (Because I was on my best behaviour). They believed to adopt me. Now I am with a lovely owner named Kirk. We have been together for many years and I love him.