Imagine! Belle By Annie

  Hi, my name is Belle.  If I could talk, this is the story I would tell you about my life. When I was first born I had 3 brothers and 2 sisters, I was the runt.  I got very little food and I was always starving.  My life used t be very hard because all of my brothers and sisters were adopted before me.

   Finally, just before I turned 1, someone adopted me, for the first time.  I lived in Banff with my owner for a while. He tried to get me to be a dog fighter,I fought Pitbulls and other BullMastiffs that had been trained for much longer than me. In which  case meant that they had much more experience and knew what they were doing.

   Every night my owner would tie me up outside with a thick rope which I would never dare chew, but one day I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I chewed through the rope and walked through the fence. Then I sprinted away!

   I didn’t know where I was going, I just ran until I found myself at the Banff gates. I laid there for about 2 days until someone from the S.P.C.A came and rescued me.

   The people at the S.P.C.A were so nice to me, I didn’t know people could be that nice.  I felt loved all the time no matter how bad I was being or how grouchy I was that day they were always nice to me.I lived there for about 3 years.

   During those 3 years I got trained to not be afraid of dogs anymore.  That was very hard for me because of the dog fighting with my last owner. But just before I got adopted I got over it.

   After those 3 years I got adopted by Kirk.  He was so kind to me he tore out the entire passenger side of his truck so I would have more space when we drove around.  But he was getting chased by a gang from Texas at the time, so we were no where to be found.

  But then just after 4 years of hiding the gang found us somewhere in Ontario.  They killed Kirk and left me stranded in his truck.

  I was there for about a week eating only snacks I could find in Kirk’s truck, before a girl named Renee. She adopted me and renamed me Bubbles(I have always loved that name).  I lived for another 4 years with Renee, until I was 14 years old. But then as every living thing does eventually, I passed away.

   Wow! It feels good to get that off my back.  I had all these emotions built up inside me and now they are out! I love this feeling. Well that is the story of my life, I hope you enjoyed it!