Imagine! Molly By Magnus Ellis

    I adopted Molly soon after my 11th birthday. Molly is a tabby cat with white on her neck. I think that Molly’s previous owners scared her. The reason I think that she was scared a lot is because she is taking lots of time to trust people. She will sometimes let you pet her; the only thing is you have to be sniffed. She spends most of her time sleeping or hiding under my moms bed, the other times she is roaming around the house or snoring in my older sisters room. Molly will howl if she wants attention. She is a cat with a sweet tooth. She can never get enough temptations! She is very affectionate, once she gets to know you. She loves to be petted and brushed.
    I will tell you what I think happened to my amazing cat Molly. Molly was having a kingly day at her old old owners house. She was feasting on her 7th bowl of dry food. She was stuffed!  She felt like her feet couldn’t touch the ground. Her owner took her for a walk. When they got back, Molly’s owner went to the grocery store. Molly felt lonely, like there was something missing. She realized there was something missing, it was her owner. She got more and more lonely. She was so lonely she started to howl. She sprang out the window without any second thoughts. She wandered around for days, searching for her owner. She soon had no faith left. Around noon on the 4th and final day of being lost, a stranger came towards her. She struggled to run; she had lost all of her strength. So there, thats how Molly got to the S.P.C.A.