Blog Number Lucky 7--Will to Live

Will to live

Blog number Lucky 7

His name is Lucky, but Tenacious is more fitting.

To say this marmalade kitten has a will to live is an understatement. Not many living things, beast or human, have endured such a fate and lived to tell about it. Lucky definitely spent one of his nine lives this year.

It was a cold winter morning and the only place to get warm, it seemed to this three-month-old kitten with freezing paws, was under the hood of a pick up truck. This sounds like a story many have heard before, but read on, this one has a twist.

Shortly after Lucky scampered up the truck engine and curled up around a warm piece of metal, two people came out of their hotel room. It was a very cold winter day in Canmore.

The visitors heard an odd sound coming from the truck they had rented to take a trip out to the mountains. The driver popped the hood, and when he did, he caught a flash of orange fur streak out of sight.

Frustrated and not sure what to do, the man reached in vain for the kitten that just wouldn’t let himself be caught. The man assumed the kitten was feral, a wild, stray cat.

Not wanting to waste any more of their vacation time in the mountains, the couple decided the only thing they could do was drive away, far away, all the way to Lake Louise.

They hoped the feline would hop off the engine as they slowly pulled out of the parking lot and headed to the Trans Canada Highway. Before long, they were off on their ski trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The couple spent the day skiing and walked to their rental truck, laden with ski gear, to make the drive back to Canmore.

Then they heard a noise. It couldn’t be, but it was. A meow was coming from under the hood of the truck.

This time they weren’t going to try to catch it, they had decided they would drive back to Canmore and assumed the kitten would likely fall off the engine and perish on the cement highway. They spent the next hour driving approximately 83 kilometres back to their hotel.

After pulling into their now familiar hotel parking spot, they got out to unload their gear.

A faint sound came from the front end of the truck. This time they opened the hood and saw the kitten, pushed back as far as it could go, still out of reach.

So now was the time, they thought, to drive to the Bow Valley SPCA and have someone help them remove the cat from the vehicle.

It was almost closing time when the adoption centre manager and a volunteer rushed outside to help catch the cat, but it wasn’t an easy task. By now, after having endured over 160 kilometres of hanging on for dear life on a bumpy truck engine, blasted with icy wind and frigid cold of winter, this cat was extremely distraught. As the manager reached in under the hood of the truck, the kitten ran along the truck chassis to the back of the vehicle, just out of reach. Finally a volunteer grabbed the once orange kitten, now covered in blotches of black truck grease and grime. The small animal was physically unharmed, but trembling with fear.

The volunteer sustained a few good scratches and a bite but put the frenzied feline into a cat carry crate and placed it in one of the isolation rooms at the BVSPCA to recover.

The next day a veterinarian checked out the kitten and found it didn’t have a scratch on its body, but it was still terrified and in shock.

It took a few weeks but with patient and loving care, the adoption centre manager and animal care attendants were able to befriend the very pretty young kitten and eventually pet him and hold him in their arms. Soon Lucky enjoyed the company of two other stray kittens who shared an adoption room with him. And within a couple of months, Lucky was adopted into a loving home.

From a near death experience to a happy life, another animal was given a good home through the efforts of the Bow Valley SPCA in Canmore.


––Pam Doyle is a professional photographer running her business, She lives in Canmore with her German Shepherd Creed, the first dog adopted from the BVSPCA.