Blog No. 6 January 1, 2013

Doggie New Year’s Fantasies

On New Year’s Eve, Bow Valley SPCA former resident and spokes dog Creed, interviewed all of the canines in dog town at the Bow Valley SPCA to find out what their biggest fantasy ever would be for 2013.

Of course, they all said their first wish is to find their forever home. But their wildest fantasies are what they dream about on quiet days in their rooms at the centre.

We started with Shasta, a five year old boxer/Great Dane cross who has been living at the adoption centre for almost four years.

Shasta: “My dream is to be the poster dog for Rosy Red Doggie Boots. Once I attain that goal, my vision is to design their newest release for 2013, a four paw set of waterproof, cozy warm doggie booties with red and purple stripes and gold sequins across the toes”.

Pippa is a two-year-old mixed breed very big girl who we once thought was a bullmastiff, but now we just aren’t sure.

Pippa: “I become a Hollywood star and premiere in an action movie alongside Brad Pitt. I’m Brad’s bull mastiff-like guard dog and protector, who accompanies him on all of his secret spy missions. In the middle of this Academy Award winning movie, I star in a five-minute long chase scene where I show off my speed and strength and take down the bad guy to save the day. Of course, I am the hero. The world comes to know me as, Bradla-dog”.

Shannon is a seven-year-old border collie heeler mix who is always happy to see you.

Shannon: “I become the fly-ball champion of the world. My lightning fast speed impresses even those prissy, groomed purebreds who once laughed but now hang their heads in shame. I am the queen of fly ball and no one can catch me, no, not even Lassie”.

Roscoe is an intelligent, friendly, large nine-month-old shepherd cross.

Roscoe: “I want to be an avalanche rescue dog. My goal is to be adopted by a Banff Park Ranger who enrolls me in all the necessary safety courses. Then we spend our winters riding chairlifts and flying in helicopters so that we get to run down steep, snowy slopes and rescue humans, who are my favourite people! The best part is when I get to lick their faces after I save their lives. In the off-season, we hike, hike, hike!”

Baby Bear is a gentle and shy nine-month-old lab cross.

Baby Bear: “I will be an advocate for black dogs’ rights. My name will be changed to Martin Luther Baby Bear, and I will lead raucous rallies across North America, demanding that our united voices be heard! No more will we be left behind as last choice at adoption centres, (along with those scary Halloween black cats), and be passed over for some tan and white prancing puppy. Black will be the favourite colour for dog owners everywhere. We will march with pride, fists, (I mean paws), held high in the air. (After accomplishing this, I will be adopted into a home where I get to sleep in a big cozy bed and be cuddled all day long)”.

Faith is an energetic, friendly 18-month-old greyhound cross.

Faith: “I become a very successful stand-up dog comic. Basing my style on the likes of Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfeld, I have dogs howling in the aisles with my quick wit and even quicker running in circles. No one can hide behind a tree, tell a joke, and run back behind the tree faster than I can. Even laughing hyenas are happy to give me a standing ovation”.

 Makita is an eight-month-old husky cross, a recent addition to the BVSPCA.

Makita: “Well, I just got here and I am trying to get the smell of the place. But with my bright blue husky dog eyes and pleasing personality, I want to star in a TV sled dog commercial where they zoom in on my hypnotizing eyes. Once I have all the humans in a trance, I order them to donate large boxes of Milk Bones to the Bow Valley SPCA. Of course, I get to eat as many cookies as I want. If you hold back, I will hypnotize you again, and send you off to the store, to buy more Milk Bones”.

Creed: “I would like to take the opportunity on behalf of all of the dogs, and cats, (even the scary black ones), at the BVSPCA, to wish everyone a Happy New Year!”

––Pam Doyle is a professional photographer running her business, She lives in Canmore with her German Shepherd Creed, the first dog adopted from the BVSPCA.