Imagine! Samantha By Henry

Hi, my name is Samantha, if I could talk this is what I would say.

Imagine! Tin Tin By Matthias

If I could talk, my story would be totally different. So I, Tin Tin learnt to write , by one of the elders of the Pipes. So I wrote this story from the very beginning:

Imagine! Belle By Ethan

Hi, my name is Belle. If I could talk, I wouldn’t be in this situation. I had a fairly decent life - for awhile. For three years, I was owned by an elderly woman named Matid. On the third of January, I woke up to a coughing, strangled-cat kind of sound.

Imagine! Samantha by Marin

Hello! I am Samantha, the cat.I am a female Torbie cat and I am three years old.Oh! there is one little detail I left out... ...I only have one eye!My life used to be dull, always struggling for food to eat and water to drink,living on the streets.

Imagine! Bliss/Quill By Lea

Hi,  I’m Bliss but I used to be Quill. My name changed because my new owners liked it.  My new owners are: a girl with dirty blond wavy hair, blue eyes and always smiling, Lea.

Imagine! Tin Tin By Irene

    Hi  my  name  is  TinTin. If  I  could  talk , this is the story  that  I  will  tell  you. I  ran  away  from my  owners  because  they  frightened  me  and  left  me alone  in  the  cold  rain  &  wind. I ran in a 10 foot pipe  to  save  my  life.

Imagine! Cinnamon By Ian

Hi my name is Cinnamon. If I could talk, this would be my life story I would tell you about.  I was born  into a family with one sister and three brothers. We were raised in a old abandoned factory.  My mom was sick and in a few  days she died.

Imagine! Belle By Krista

   Hello my name is Belle and if I could talk this is my story….. I ran away from my family when I saw a cute little bunny. My owner’s hadn’t fed me in a while.  I jumped the fence and chased it for a long time. I never caught it though.

Imagine! Marvin By

alte American Shorthair,
I’m Marvin. If I could talk this is the life story I would tell you about….

Imagine! Belle By Annie

  Hi, my name is Belle.  If I could talk, this is the story I would tell you about my life.

Imagine! Belle By Sydney

Hi my name is Bell if I could talk this is what my life story would be about: My life is difficult because I’m afraid of my kind (dogs,) but I’m very friendly with humans. And because I’m afraid of dogs I attack them.

Imagine! Molly By Magnus Ellis

    I adopted Molly soon after my 11th birthday. Molly is a tabby cat with white on her neck. I think that Molly’s previous owners scared her. The reason I think that she was scared a lot is because she is taking lots of time to trust people.

Imagine! Gunner By Rowan

Hi, my name is Chinki. I changed my name from Chinki to Gunner. My story is that I was found under a car on the Morley reserve. My mom and  bros and sisters and I lived on a farm close to the Morely  reserve.  My owner tells me I am a mutt, but not Rowan,  only Cooper!

Imagine! Wolfie - by Jessie

Good day.   I heard you wanted to know a bit about my life. Well here it is: I  lived in a cute little brown cottage with farmer Bob, a sort off plump man in Scotland. Also my 4 brothers and 1 sister lived with me.

Imagine! Tocher By Cameron

  Hi my name is Tocher. If I could talk this is the story of my life I would tell you about.

   I am 3 years old and I am a Staffordshire terrier cross.  Ok this is how I came here.

Imagine! Hobbes By Liam

Hi, my name is Hobbes. If I could talk, this is the life story I would tell you about. I was born in China and donated to a local SPCA. I was there for a year.

Imagine! Cinnamon By Troy

     Hi, I’m Cinnamon. I was found alone by a dumpster and brought to the Bow Valley SPCA. I am 9 weeks old and female.

     My story starts with my mom being adopted by a very mean man named Magufette. He was a tall black haired man in his 60s.  He had a mouse problem and couldn't afford an exterminator. He adopted a random cat by asking one question: can it catch a mouse? The SPCA said I think it can. The man decided he'd take it and that he needed no info on the cat. The girl at the counter gave him a strange look as he lef

Imagine! Pepper by Emily

Hi my name is Pepper,if I could talk this is the life story I would tell you about. Hello Im Pepper I can finally tell you the story of my life. I am a girl I was born in canmore and I lived in a beautiful house and my family loved me.

Imagine! Gunner by Cooper

Hi my name is Gunner and if I could talk, this is the life story I would tell you. Again my name is Gunner I have lived in the Morley reserve my whole life, until the S.P.C.A found me by the old burnt down Chiniki lodge.

Imagine! Maggie by Jeremy

My name is Maggie. Here is the story of how I got adopted in Canmore.

Imagine! Titan By Hailey

Hi, my name is Titan. If i could talk this is the story I would tell you: This is how it starts. When I was a puppy my owners loved me a lot. I was so happy. My owners gave me a lot of food, it was the best food I have ever had! They fed me 1 cup four times a day.

Imagine! Series

Twenty-six Grade 6 students at Lawrence Grassi Middle School, in Canmore Alberta were given the assignment: “Integration of Social Studies and English Language Arts”. The students were asked to engage in a local project in order to make a difference in our community. 

Imagine! Jango’s life changing story by Cate

Hi, my name is Jango. If I could talk, this is the life story I would tell you:
I was born in Seattle Washington in a litter of five. I was the slowest one out of my brothers and sisters. By slowest I mean I was the last one to walk, open my eyes, bark and play with others. By the first month, all the puppies were gone, except for me.

Imagine! Tin Tin a cat’s life BY CASSIDY DOMENICO

Hello I’m Tin Tin and if I could talk then I would tell you about my complicated and troubled life. It was not always troubled. My mother belonged to a nice little old lady; she took great care of me and my brothers and sisters. She fed us milk from cups and groomed us and gave us toys.

Imagine! Samantha (the one eyed cat) by Ryan

Hi my name is Samantha. I’m a one eyed cat. Here’s my story. I lived on a farm and my owners moved and left me there. I walked for miles until  someone found me and took me to this place called the S.P.C.A. I saw this guy on this electric box called a laptop.

Imagine! Jasper by Alex

Hi, I am Jasper. If I could talk, I would tell you this about my life. I’m grey with black stripes. My mom died at 15 in a car accident. She had me and two other dogs at 14. My first name was Specialized until they changed it to Jaspurr. I’ve got a long tail  and legs. I also have green eyes.

Imagine! Tocher By Sebastian

Hi, my name is Tocher. If I could speak, this would be my story: I started out living in Vancouver, with my mom and brother. We lived a very depressing year together, living on the streets, begging for food and getting the occasional apologetic look from a passing pedestrian.

Blog #8--Bow Valley SPCA becomes Canmore’s Noah’s Ark

 By Pam Doyle

 The natural disaster that flooded many Canmore and Exshaw residents out of their homes on Thursday spared the Bow Valley SPCA animals, making it a Noah’s Ark of sorts.

Blog No. 6 January 1, 2013

Doggie New Year’s Fantasies

On New Year’s Eve, Bow Valley SPCA former resident and spokes dog Creed, interviewed all of the canines in dog town at the Bow Valley SPCA to find out what their biggest fantasy ever would be for 2013.