Approx. five years
Newfoundland/Collie cross
Arrival Date:
Jul 19, 2017

Treble was adopted on Nov. 18, 2017 by an awesome family from Calgary with two kids! They instantly fell in love with Trebles sweet personality and how gentle he was with the kids! They are so happy to give him a home filled with love and they have a nice big backyard for him to play in! We are so happy to see Treble go to such a wonderful home and wish him all the best! 

Treble is one handsome Newfoundland/Collie cross who is looking for his forever home! Treble came to us all the way from the Northwest Territories where he spent the majority of his life chained up outside. Treble is a big dog with a big personality and he will always greet you with a smile. He is learning his basic commands and he loves to go for walks. He is friendly with other dogs, people, and kids and has been an ambassador for the SPCA at public events. We are wanting to find Treble a home with a yard or acreage where he would have lots of outdoor space to enjoy!

Jul 29, 2017

Training Plan

Treble was assessed as a Level 3 (Blue Circle), volunteers who have completed their Open Paws Level 4 training can walk Treble off site. Treble is having extreme stress at the shelter, he is constantly pacing around his room and is very anxious. We need to work on keeping him calm and reward for calm behaviour inside and outside. Treble is a big, strong, stressed, untrained dog! He needs a lot of work with his training as for the majority of his life he was chained up outside. Use caution when giving him treats as he tends to take them roughly. He will need work with leash walking and use caution as he is a big strong dog! He needs all Open Paws training and it will be important to be very calm with Treble!