Coming Soon
Approx. Four Years
American Pit Bull Terrier
Tan & White
Arrival Date:
Feb 10, 2018

This strong brave boy was found dying in a ditch in Mexico. His back leg was broken and he had no food or water. A kind man from Canmore pulled him out of this nightmare and brought him to a vet where he was treated and had surgery to repair his leg. The family very quickly became attached to Torro, so they just couldn't leave him behind. They brought him back to Canada with him and they need our help finding him a loving forever home! Now that Torro has been assessed by a vet we have discovered he needs a lot more medical care than initially anticipated.  Torro is months away from recovery and will need to stay here for his long journey back to health, but he is happy to be in a place where all of his needs will be met.  He is very sweet and trusting considering everything he has been through. He loves to curl up and sleep the day away-he needs his rest! He loves playing with female dogs, but isn't ready for males yet. He has been around small children and has been very gentle and kind with them. He will chase cats so needs a home with no cats. We are looking for an extremely kind and gentle home for this dear boy. He needs stability, routine, and an experienced family who will put his needs first.  Torro will not be able to be as active as most dogs his age, and will need to be handled with care always.  He deserves a lifetime of adoration, kindness, and all the love he can soak up!

Please check back as we will be updating Torro's story and progress as he fights his way to better health, and a happy ending.