5 Years
Boxer/Great Dane cross
Brown with a bit of white
Arrival Date:
May 1, 2009


Shasta is a lovely, loyal dog who soaks up attention and love! She is healthy and active, loves to run and play. She has a favorite toy and is always ready for a treat! She is devoted and protective of her friends! When she finds a canine friend with common interests, she makes a fantastic play partner!   She is a great dog-perhaps the staff's all time favourite!

Feb 25, 2012

Shasta Swims

Shasta went out for a walk and was having so much fun, she jumped into the nearby creek for a little swim.  This girl can do it all and have fun doing it.

Feb 26, 2012

Shasta Invites Play

Shasta is so excited to play fetch that she often finds a stick that she can pick up and bring to be thrown.  On one of her daily walks at the Bow Valley SPCA, she disappeared for a few seconds and then popped out of the trees with a stick. This girl is so smart and so much fun!

Nov 4, 2012

Shasta and Briar Play

Shasta used to be so anxious around other dogs that she couldn't play.  With lots of work and many introductions to other dogs, that has changed.  In this video we see Shasta (the Boxer/Great Dane mix) play with Briar (Husky cross) the first time they met.

Nov 17, 2012

Shasta and Rover Play

Shasta is learning fast.  After learning to play with Briar, she was left without a playmate because Briar was adopted.  So we introduced Shasta (the Boxer/Great Dane mix) to Rover (the Shepherd mix) and they got along so well that we now let them run and play together.  This clip shows how appropriate the play is.  After a few minutes of intense play, they take a break to relax before going back to playing.