Approx. 5 years
Thai Mix
Black with some white
Arrival Date:
Feb 26, 2017

Pink was adopted on March 10, 2017- not even two weeks after her arrival into Canada! She has found a wonderful home in B.C. where the weather is more suited to a dog from Thailand! She will have two doggy friends and a wonderful outdoor area for walks and hikes and two wonderful dog centered people to spend her life with! Well done Pink!

Pink has made the 10,000 mile journey from Mai Khao, Phuket, Thailand to the BVSPCA! Pink was brought to us through an organization called Soi Dogs, and is one brave, gentle and sweet girl! This girl was rescued from the illegal meat trade in Thailand so she has experienced trauma in her life making her nervous about her new Canadian life, needs to go to a home who can be patient and gentle with her and take everything very slow. We will be going through a strict interview process to make sure we find the most loving home out there for Pink! Everything is new and strange to her, and she must always be wearing a harness and not allowed off leash as she is a known escape artist. She still needs to learn all her basic training but is great on leash and is starting to love the Canadian snow! You will have to go slow with training and not overwhelm her and realize how all this is so new and strange to her. She would be good in a home with a neutral dog that could help her boost her confidence, and would be okay to go with a home with cats. If children are in the household they would have to be extremely gentle, quiet, responsible and experienced. Pink is a very special dog and has been through so much in her life and now that she has a fresh start in Canada we truly want to find her the best home in the Bow Valley.  


Feb 28, 2017

Pink Arrives at Carla Cumming Sojonky Adoption Centre