Approx. 5 years
German Shepherd Husky Mix
Black and Cream
Arrival Date:
Feb 15, 2017

On June 18, 2017, Nala found the most perfect forever home that she could only dream out! What makes this adoption so special is that this is BVSCPAs first adoption to the United States. Nalas new parents are huge dog lovers and are volunteers at their local animal shelter in the States, after planning a trip here they decided to take a look at our website and once they saw Nalas smiling face they just had a feeling that Nala was the dog they needed in their life. We are so happy that Nala found two of the kindest souls out there, that understand her behaviour and hip dyselsia and will give her the life she has always dreamed off! We are so happy for Nala and her new family and wish them all the best! 



Nala is one sweetheart- with her big ears and a big smile always on her face, it's hard not to fall instantly in love with this cutie! Nala is approx. 5 years old and came to the BVSPCA as a transfer from the City of Calgary Animal Services. Nala was found as a stray and is hoping to find the most perfect home in the Bow Valley!

Despite being a larger dog, she is very gentle and walks perfectly on leash. She is the volunteers favorite dog to walk because she is so well behaved. She makes a perfect walking companion! 

Nala is looking for just the right person, or couple, to share their home! She has some sore hips so she doesn't like to be touched in that area and she musn't overdue it on the exercise! She was very overweight when she arrived and that put a lot of pressure on her joints. She has been working hard and is looking slim and trim! She wants a home with no children. She doesn't love other animals- so she would be thrilled to be the only pet in the home and she doesn't need to go to the dog park. She is content just to be with her people and be "their' special girl!  She likes to talk-must be her Husky side-so she probably isn't a good choice for condos or apartments.

Nala is a very special dog, some of her favorite things are cuddling, giving kisses, playing ball, and of course treats! If you think you would be the right fit for Nala, give us a call or come visit her in person! We can’t wait to find Nala the perfect forever home that she so deserves!