Approx. four years
Thai Mix
Arrival Date:
Jul 25, 2017

Jerry was adopted on February 10 to a gentle, kind family in Calgary! They have a female dog who looks so similar to Jerry that they could be twins!  The family, who have two very sweet kids, took all the time Jerry needed to get to know them and feel safe and comfortable with them- including many road trips to and from Calgary! Jerry is very pleased with his new family and is ready to move on to the next chapter in his life! We all became very attached to our Jer-Ber, but we are thrilled that he has his very own family now!

Jerry is a shy sweet boy who has made the journey all the way from Thailand! Jerry was a transfer for an amazing organization called Soi Dogs who rescue stray Thailand dogs from the illegal meat market and help them find homes all over the world! Jerry is very fearful of new people and new experiences as everything is so new to him! Jerry will need to go to a home that has dog experience with fearful dogs and be patient and calm with him so he can slowly start to see that the world isn’t so scary of a place! Jerry is approximately 4 years old and has a very handsome brindle coat, he is a gentle sweet boy and once he warms up to you he loves to give kisses and cuddles. Jerry has been through so much and we are wanting to give him the best home possible so he can start the next chapter of his life!