Approx. three years
Basenji cross
Red, Black, & White
Arrival Date:
Apr 28, 2017

Beautiful Bella is one happy, playful girl who is waiting to find herself the most perfect family! Bella is approximately 3 years old and is one super high energy pup who needs a very dog centred home that can keep her busy and active! She would be a perfect match for an active family, who can give her more than just on-leash walks, she would be great on hikes, long distance running, or biking! She will need to go to a home without any cats or kids, and her perfect family would have to be dedicated to training her and keeping her busy! Bella loves to play with other dogs, and would love to have a dog buddy! Bella can’t wait to find a home who will give her all the love and attention she so deserves!

Bella was adopted today by a nice couple from Canmore. They like to jog & bike so we know Bella will love her new home & get lots of exercise.

Apr 30, 2017

Training Plan

Bella was assessed as a Level 1 (Green Circle). Volunteers who have completed Open Paws Level 4 can walk Bella off site. Bella’s behavioural issues include jumping up, pulling on leash and learning her manners and basic training. She is extremely high energy and needs as much time outside as possible before training. She is a jumper and will need to continue to work on turning back and making her sit to correct this behaviour. Practicing calm behaviour and focusing on getting her out as much as possible would be some of the main goals. She is good with other dogs and loves to play with Finn and Charlie.