Approx. 18 months
Domestic Short Hair
Black & White
Arrival Date:
Jul 14, 2016


Maki is a beautiful black and white sweetheart who was a wonderful mom to her 3 beautiful kittens! Maki and her kittens were rescued at Barrier Lake as strays and quickly made themselves comfortable at the BVSPCA!

We were shocked to discover that this nursing mom was already pregnant with another litter and very close to her due date! This means she was pregnant again within a couple of weeks of giving birth to her first litter! So, the adventure continued...

Maki gave birth to four beautiful kittens on August 6, 2016.  All babies were healthy and nursed well! We are so proud of Maki for going through so many hardships at such a young age, she was a very gentle and kind mother to all her kittens! All seven babies were snapped up as soon as they were available. Unfortunately, Maki has been waiting her turn for almost a year. We can't understand why no one has chosen this bright, beautiful, friendly kitty who just wants to be your friend! Please open your heart and home to a kitty who deserves a good home!