Baby 7

Approx. 8 years
Domestic Short Hair
Arrival Date:
Jan 15, 2017

What a  great day! Oliver and Baby 7 were adopted by a lovely woman who lives in Canmore!! She wanted to give a home to a couple of cats who were having a hard time getting adopted. Baby7 and Oliver were in the greatest need (in our opinion) so she came to meet them. She felt an instant connection and the two cats agreed! We are so happy for them:)


Baby 7 and Oliver are a bonded pair who will need to get adopted together into a loving home! The pair recently spent a few months in a loving foster home so they could have a break from the shelter. Here is a report from the foster mom:

"I had the pleasure of caring for Oliver and his sister Baby7(whom I called Nancy) for three months. I found them both to be easy cats to care for: very clean, quiet and affectionate. Although neither of them were fond of being picked up and held, they bonded with me in their own way and would follow me around the house, greet me at the door when I came home, and sleep with me at night"

"Baby 7 doesn't miss a beat; she notices everything. If a piece of furniture is out of place or something new is placed on the floor, she goes over and sits beside it and looks at me. When I got my suitcase out to pack for a trip and left the room to answer the phone, she was inside the suitcase when I returned. She likes to play with the same crinkly toy on the end of a string, but tends to let her brother take the front seat in the chase! Both cats will carry the toy around in their mouth and with some training they could be fetching cats! Baby 7's favorite thing is a back scratch. She did not miss an opportunity to follow me into the bathroom because she knew she would get a good back scratch there!